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Windows7Port.com, is a new site on Windows 7 which aims to provide useful tips and tricks, desktop applications, themes and wallpapers and user guides and tutorials, problems & solutions, drivers etc. for Windows 7. This site was launched targeting for regular internet users and non-geeks, with a vision to promote awareness about the Windows 7 OS.

About The Author :

Shaun Kenworthy , author of this Windows 7 blog, is a 22 year old mechanical engineer/design professional from Upwey, Victoria, Australia . He’s a tech-savvy industry expert in engineering design and likes to blog, play video games and do social networking. His interest in Windows 7 includes drivers, themes, wallpapers, apps, solutions, tips etc.

CopyRight Issues: All the content in this blog, is original content to my knowledge, any references or copy of material is only unintentional. Anybody has a problem with the copyright issue of my content, please mail me through contact form .

Caution: All the suggestions, news, content are truthful to the writer’s knowledge. Any damage to computer hardware or errors to software is only at user’s risk and the writer shall not be responsible for such damage or errors.