Customize the Ribbon Icons in Windows 8 Explorer

When Microsoft released Windows 8, it came with a ton of new features. It may not have been the most popular version of Windows but there is no doubt that the features made it a whole lot better and one of the most popular features is definitely the Ribbon Explorer. This gives users easy access to explorer options and functions, making navigation a whole lot easier. By default, the Ribbon has been minimized but it can easily be accessed through the down-arrow in the top-right of the Explorer Window.


But …

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Move Windows 7 Taskbar to Desired Location on your Desktop

One of the silliest troubles we face in Windows is when the taskbar moves from its default location at the bottom to the side or top. This can be annoying sometimes if you don’t know how to retrieve the taskbar to it’s original location.

Earlier in Windows XP, there was no clean option to move the taskbar to the sides or top. But with the advent of new technology, you can move windows 7 taskbar to the desired location very cleanly and easily.

In this post, I’m going to …

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Change Advanced Appearance Settings in Windows 8 and 7

You liked Windows 7 so much, that you are facing trouble with the Metro UI of Windows 8. In Windows 7, there was an easy option to customize windows color and appearance using the advanced appearance settings. If you are not well versed with that feature in Windows 7, here’s a quick look around.

How to change Color, Size and Font for Window Items?

Right-click on your Windows 7 desktop (mine is Windows 7 Ultimate) and from the context-menu select Personalize. Otherwise, you can also browse through Control Panel\All Read more...

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Downgrade Windows 7 to Vista

If you are interested in downgrading Windows 7< to XP, you can read the following post. Presently, there is a similar solution as posted in the earlier post, on downgrading Windows 7 to Vista. The commands are common, while there may be small variations.

Pre Requisite :

Windows.old folder should exist in the root of Windows 7 drive, with previous contents while upgrading from Vista to Windows 7.

I will detail the steps necessary in simple manner, while detailed screenshots and steps can be got from the source.

1. Sufficient

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Virtual Desktop Manager for Windows 7

Feeling clumsy with a single desktop in Windows 7 ! There is a software app for Windows 7 called “Windows Pager” which will create 4 virtual desktops. (also called virtual workspaces). The latest changes to the new tool brings unlined integration into Windows 7.


Windows Pager sits perfectly in the Windows 7 taskbar ( also called superbar) with complete preview of apps running in virtual desktops. You can reach respective virtual desktop by clicking each icon.

You can switch the desktops by clicking the icons in the taskbar. The … Read more...

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Downgrade Windows 7 to XP

If you have upgraded your PC to Windows 7 from XP and now you feel like downgrading the OS to the good old XP, there is a solution. But the solution is little tiresome and needs some commands to be implemented.

 Requirements: You shouldn’t have deleted the Windows.old folder that you have created while installing Windows 7 on XP DRIVE. Without the help of Windows.oldfolder you will not be able to downgrade to XP from Windows 7.

I will briefly detail the steps. If you are interested in detailed screenshots,

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